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Edmunds Accu-Touch

Edmunds Accu-Touch™ Dimensional Measurement Amplifier

Leave it to Edmunds Gages to develop the most easy to use, expandable dimensional measurement amplifier for your production and lab requirements.



Line Card

        Air & Pneumatic

· Air Gaging

· Air Filtration


Co-Ordinate Gages & Systems


·  CNC Optical Comparators

·  Coordinate Measuring Machines 

·  Geometric Digital Readout

·  Multi-Sensor Measuring Systems 


Electronic Gages & Systems


·  Air To Electronic Columns

·  Automatic Gages

·  Computer-Aided Gaging Fixtures

·  Electronic Columns

·  Force/Tension Gages

·  In-Process Grinding Systems
·  Laser Measurement Systems

·  Multi-Dimensional Gaging Fixtures

·  Post-Process Feedback Systems

·  Roundness Measuring Systems

·  Surface Finish & Form Measurement

·  Tachometers

·  Torque Testers/Equipment


Engineered Gages


·  Ball Arbors/Chucks

·  Build To Your Design

·  Design & Build

·  Hydraulic Arbors/Chucks


Fixed Limit Gaging


·  Design & Build Gages

·  Gage Blocks

·  Master Gears 

·  Pin Gage Sets          

·  Plain Plug & Ring Gages          

·  Spline Gages

·  Thread Gages & Wires          




Gage Calibration Equipment


·  Gage Block Comparators

·  Gage Management Software

·  Internal/External Comparators  

·  External Supermicrometers

·  Universal Supermicrometers


Gages & Layout Equipment


·  Angle Plates

·  Bench Centers

·  Dial & Digital Indicators

·  Height Gages

·  Surface Plates

·  V-Blocks & Parallels


Hardness Testers


·  Automatic & Manual

·  Brinell

·  Durometers

·  Microhardness

·  Portable

·  Rockwell


Mechanical Gages


·  Bore Gages

·  Hand Tools

·  Snap Gages

·  Thickness Gages


Optical Instrumentation


·  Optical Comparators
·  Video Inspection Systems

·  Vision Inspection Systems

·  Tool Presetters        


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